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In Store Repair
      Laptop Clinic Ottawa can repair or replace your motherboard  
 for your PC laptop or MacBook computer.

Our team of experienced component level motherboard repair experts
 have fixed many problems associated with laptop motherboard failures, including problems caused by liquid damage.

We utilise proper equipment and tools like our BGA rework station to repair laptop motherboards with precision.
Free fast estimation
Highly competitive pricing
Many years of experience in diagnosing and fixing numerous motherboard issues
In the cases when the motherboard is too damaged to be repaired, we offer to our customers the alternative - replace the entire laptop motherboard.

On Site Repair
Some common causes of damaged motherboards are:    


  1. A faulty power charger or even use of replacement AC adapter, which could have power spikes that can easily damage your computer's motherboard.

  2. Overheating cased by blocked cooling system can warp the motherboard and lead to failure of board's components.

  3. Electrical storm and static discharge can also be damaging for the motherboard.

  4. Physical Damage, i.e. (stepping on the laptop, or dropping it) 

In any situation that a motherboard failure happens, it is very time consuming to diagnose and replace individual components on the motherboard.

Laptop Motherboard Problems/Symptoms:
Laptop doesn't start and no light comes up
Blue Screen error or Stop Error
Laptop freezes, restarts and shuts down intermittently
Colored squires (sometimes stripes) visiable on the laptop screen
Wireless card is missing in the device manager 

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  • Virus Removal $79
  • Windows OS Re-Installation $79
  • Overheating Issue, Internal Cleaning $60 (business/gaming systems $75)
  • Tune Up from $69

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