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    HP laptops are built for low to mid level of performance. They are designed around consumer-based needs and provide a decent go to brand in a very competitive market. They are currently the most popular brand in North America. HP delivers decent performance at a decent price. They can be used for web surfing and multimedia and are decent for playing video games on lower settings. HP also owns and utilizes the Compaq brand for business costumers.

We fix various issues and problems with HP and Compaq laptops cost-effectively and in timely manner.

Here are the most common problems with HP laptops:

      - Power jack (plug) repair

  HP laptops are quite reliable by design. They usually fail after accidental drop or abusive use. In this case the jack's plastic casing could be broken and requires replacement. In our shop we replace HP and Compaq laptop DC jack in one business day and the price is usually about $109.

      - LCD screen replacement

  Because of popularity of HP brand among customers, we deal with many broken screen issues in HP Pavilion, Envy and HP Compaq laptops. We also have big inventory of replacement screens for most popular models such as HP Pavilion G4, G6, G7 series, HP Pavilion G42, G60, G62, G2000 series, HP Pavilion DV3, DV4, DV6, DV7 series, HP Pavilion DV2000, DV3000, DV6000 series, HP Pavilion ENVY 13, 14, 16 and etc. The screen replacement takes 2-3 hours in our shop for the popular models. The prices vary, depending on a screen model. For the most common 15.6 inch LED HD screen, the replacement will cost $149 including the labor charges.

      - Liquid damaged HP laptop repairs

  We give free repair estimation for liquid damaged HP and HP Compaq laptops. If you bring the laptop to our shop, we will examine it and give you the repair price. In case the motherboard is not repairable (or the repair isn't cost effective), we will give you the HP laptop motherboard replacement estimation.

      - HP laptop broken shell casing/housing repair/replacement

  To repair the broken plastic parts in HP laptops we need to examine the damage and determine the exactly what parts need to be replaced. We have in store FREE repair estimation. The common parts we replace are: bottom casing, LED back cover, front bezel, hinges etc. .

      - HP laptop video chip problems

  HP laptops with ATI or nVidia video chip could experience video chip failure. The typical symptoms are: black screen with fan running, distorted image on the screen, video driver crashes etc. This is a serious problem and we need to access the situation and will propose the best and cost effective solution. The solution might be reflow/replace the video chip or replace the motherboard. To our customers we offer FREE repair estimation.

      - HP laptops keyboard replacement

  We have a large stock of HP keyboards in stock. Therefore the keyboard replacement is done in 1 business day or less. The typical price for the repair is $99. We also can replace few broken cups or missing keys for $10 per key.

      - Dealing with overheating or faulty fan issues in HP laptops

  If you get fan error massage or your HP laptop runs hot, we can help. We can replace the fan, clean the computer's cooling system. We will make sure that your laptop runs at design temperatures and last you long time. The maintenance takes 1 business day and costs from $65. Fan failure is most common in the following models: HP-DV6-6000, HP-DV6-6200, HP-Pavilion G7, HP-Pavilion G6,  and HP-Pavilion G4. 

CPU FAN for HP miniblocked heatsink



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