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    Asus is a gaming oriented electronics manufacturer. They are the primary competition for Dell when it comes to gaming laptops. Asus laptops are built for mid to high level of performance. They are well know for making quality motherboards for desktop and laptop computers. Asus also produced a successful  line of gaming oriented products (laptops, desktops, motherboards, video cards and accessories) called Republic of Gamers. Overall Asus makes an excellent product. Since they are on the more expensive side we tend to not see many complex issues with Asus laptops.

We fix various issues and problems with Asus laptops cost-effectively and in timely manner

Here are the most common problems with Dell laptops:

      - Power jack (plug) repair

  It is common problem with different Asus models, especially with the gaming laptops. Symptoms: the middle pin of a power jack is broken, a battery is not charging, no power at all. In some models (for example models like Asus K53S, K53E, K54C, A53S, UL30V, G53J, G53SX, G74S and others) we can replace DC jack, while in others (for example models like Asus N53 and others) the DC board needs to be replaced. The DC jack replacement costs from $109 to $129 for gaming models, since they are more difficult to repair. We also replace broken USB ports and audio jacks.

      - LCD screen replacement

  If you accidently brake your LCD screen in you ASUS laptop, we can replace it. Most common 15.6" LED screen with HD resolution (1366x768) are replaced in 2-3 hours for $149 (parts and labour included). We also carry a big selection of screens from ASUS Eee family netbooks: 10" LCD up to 17" LCDs for gaming laptops ASUS G73 and G75. For the exact screen replacement cost, please call us and we will provide you the quote over the phone, just make sure you know the exact model of your ASUS laptop.

      - Water damaged ASUS laptop repairs

  It is hard to estimate how much a liquid spill will cost to repair. We have to examine each individual case for specific damage and estimate the repair cost. We do not charge our customers for the repair estimation. So if you bring your laptop to our shop, we will provide you with FREE repair quote in one business day.

      - Keyboard replacement on ASUS laptops

  Keyboard replacement for the most common ASUS laptops takes only 1 business day or less. We charge around $99 for a keyboard replacement. If we do not have your keyboard in stock, we will order it from our suppliers.

      - ASUS laptop video problems

  ASUS manufactures gaming laptops with advanced video chips / cards. Sometime when a costumer sees a black screen they assume that the video card is faulty. But it also could be a software issue. An outdated or incorrect video driver could case the same problem. Our diagnostic team will examine your laptop and find the right solution. We have ability to perform complex repairs such as video card repair, including video chip replacement.

      - Windows errors, blue screen and virus problems problems

Windows errors and crashed could be related to a hard drive failure, or to software issues such as viruses and malware. I you are experiencing these types of prblems, we can provide you with a FREE diagnosis and solve the issue as fast as possible. We can offer hard drive replacement, Windows OS reinstallation, file recovery or virus removal, an an affordable price.


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